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The Price of Fish Quality Attributes in the Province of Iloilo, Philippines: Estimates from Hedonic Pricing for Milkfish


Milkfish is the most important fish species being farmed in the Philippines today with the province of Iloilo as a major producer. While demand for fish and other fishery products is increasing, provincial production is dwindling. This study attempts to investigate different milkfish attributes and how consumers value each of these attributes. The research was conducted in the province of Iloilo using primary data gathered by personal interview of 378 purchase-decision makers. Respondents were identified by two-stage random sampling. Hedonic price for each quality attribute was estimated using regression with robust standard errors. Quality attributes considered are: skin and outer slime characteristics, colour of gills, eyes and peritoneum, size, organic and place of origin labels, product form, provision of value-added services and market outlet. It was shown that consumers accord variability in prices to each product attribute. Consumers place a higher premium on colour of the eyes, provision of value-added services, product processing and place where the product is sold. Knowledge of specific features being sought by consumers is vital in ensuring that these product specifications are met. Collaboration of supply chain participants is essential to meet these desired market specifications.

Publication Date : 2017-06-30

Volume : 30

Issue : 2

Page : 101-117

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Date 2017/06/30
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