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The Food and Feeding Habits of a Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium choprai


The food contents of adults and juvenile of Macrobrachium choprai were examined in relation to sex, maturity and season. Organic detritus supplemented by planktonic algae, crustacean larvae, mollusks and insects formed the major part of the food of adult individuals. Fish bones were occasionally observed in the gut of males only. This species, however, did not exhibit any preference for a particular animal or plant food item. Variation in food components in relation to size, sex or season was also insignificant. Juveniles exhibited absence of organic detritus and depended only on planktonic algae, crustacean and insect larvae.

Publication Date : 2006-05-22

Volume : 10

Issue : 1

Page : 51-63

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Date 2006/05/22
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