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Standardization of Production of Fish Sausage from Unwashed Mince Blend of Low Cost Marine Fish


A new method for utilization of unwashed mince (UM) mixture of low-cost marine fish (LMF) in cooked sausage is described. Textural qualities of heat-induced gels of six different mince blends from the individual unwashed minces of five LMF viz., red jewfish, sea catfish, horse mackerel, jeweled shad and skipjack tuna were investigated. Blend B3 having greater contribution from low-fat white-fleshed red jewfish and sea catfish obtained best-textured gel and sausage in terms of instrumental gel strength and sensory parameters (p>0.05). In order to improve the textural and sensory qualities of the sausage prepared from B3, suitable types and levels of ingredients and cooking methods were evaluated. Gels prepared with modified starch and soy protein isolate had distinctly (p0.05) were lower in sausage prepared from B3 when compared to imported fish sausage. Instrumental gel strength, sensory attributes and cook loss of the sausage prepared from B3 by different cooking methods were higher in the order of autoclave cooking > frying > two-step heating > boiling > broiling. Peroxide and thiobarbuturic acid values and aerobic plate count of the sausages after 7 days at 4oC were almost identical in all cooking process (p >0.05) but distinctly lower (p

Publication Date : 2009-04-15

Volume : 22

Issue : 1

Page : 347-357

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Date 2009/04/15
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