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Shrimp and Mollusc Culture at the Bandon Bay in Thailand: A Situation Analysis



A socio-economic and ecological survey was conducted using farmer interviews and SWOT analysis, and monitoring of water quality parameters in Bandon Bay, Surat Thani, Thailand from January to December 1999. Monthly water samples from 29 sampling stations in the river mouth, mollusc culture and open bay areas were collected for 12 months and analyzed for ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N), nitrite-nitrogen (NO2 --N), nitratenitrogen (NO3 --N), soluble reactive phosphorus (PO43-), and chlorophyll-a (Chl-a). Secondary information on phytoplankton abundance and shrimp culture area was collected from local research institutions. The results revealed that both oyster and cockle cultures provided net returns of USD 4,905 and 1,257 ha-1 year-1, respectively. Nutrient concentrations in the river mouth and shrimp culture areas were significantly higher (P


Publication Date : 2008-05-01

Volume : 21

Issue : 1

Page : 35-54

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Date 2008/05/01
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