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Use of Artemia, Frozen Zooplankton and Artificial Food forWeaning Fingerlings of the Freshwater Fish Golden Perch Macquaria ambigua ambigua (Percichthyidae)


Juvenile golden perch Macquaria ambigua ambigua (Percichthyidae) (mean weight 0.16g, mean total length 23.9mm) were weaned onto a commercial crumble diet over ten days by co-feeding frozen Artemia or frozen zooplankton, harvested from plankton ponds. Crumble was used to replace plankton slurry, in 10% by volume daily increments. An additional treatment of abrupt weaning from frozen zooplankton to crumble diet, and a control of frozen zooplankton, was maintained. Weaning using zooplankton produced better growth and survival over 56 days (1.57 g, 78.0%) than Artemia (1.11 g, 62.4%), and survival was significantly better than abrupt weaning from zooplankton on to crumble diet (1.57 g, 13.3%). Co-feeding produced better survival rates but poorer growth when non-boosted Artemia was used in co-feeding. Frozen zooplankton is a cheap and readily available alternative to Artemia as a co-feeding weaning diet.

Publication Date : 2003-01-01

Volume : 16

Issue : 1

Page : 85-90

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Date 2003/01/01
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