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Changes in the Functional Properties of Dressed Thread Fin Bream (Nemipterus japonicus) Proteins During Frozen Storage


Frozen storage of thread fin bream for 12 weeks at -18 ºC resulted in a significant (P < 0.05) decrease in salt soluble proteins (SSP), protein solubility (PS), emulsifying capacity (EC), water binding potential (WBP) and relative viscosity (RV) of the SSP extracts. Functional properties correlated significantly (P < 0.05) with SSP and PS suggesting that myofibrillar proteins are the main proteins that determine these properties. Significant correlations (P < 0.05) also existed among EC, RV and WBP. Marked variations in the functional properties investigated suggest that these functional properties may be considered as valuable indicators in determining the quality of fish proteins.

Publication Date : 2000-03-01

Volume : 13

Issue : 1

Page : 49-55

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Date 2000/03/01
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