Asian Fisheries Society

Strain-Specific and Sex-Specific Variation of Serum Biochemical


The biochemical components in serum of four strains of Oreochromis niloticus were determined to study the strain-specific and sex-specific variations, including serum potassium, sodium, chlorine, calcium, cholesterol, urea nitrogen, total protein, albumin, globulin, lactate dehydrogenase, glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase, alkaline phosphatase and a-amylase. Significant differences were observed among strains and between sexes in most of the biochemical components. These variations may be useful for the genetic characterisation of fish strains. The relationship between the biochemical components in serum and growth as well as feeding habits were discussed. 

Publication Date : 2000-03-01

Volume : 13

Issue : 1

Page : 21-30

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Date 2000/03/01
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