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Population Dynamics of Mud Crab (Scylla serrata) in the Southeastern Coastal Region of Bangladesh


Population parameters of male and female Scylla serrata were estimated using FiSAT software with length-frequency data collected from different areas of Cox’s Bazar, southeastern part of Bangladesh (Chakaria Sundarban, Moheshkhali and Kutubdia channel) to evaluate the growth parameters, mortality rates and exploita-tion levels. Asymptotic length (L∝) was 105.9 mm and 105 mm, and growth co-efficient (K) was 0.28/yr and 0.36/yr for male and female S. serrata, respectively. The natural mortalities of S. serrata were 0.49/yr and 0.58/yr and fishing mortalities were 0.35/yr and 0.38/yr for male and female accordingly. Recruitment of this species into the fishery takes place throughout the year. The exploitation level for S. serrata was found to be 0.41 for the male and 0.39 for the female. This study showed that the stocks of male and female S. serrata were not under fishing pressure (E< 0.50) in the Southeastern part of Bangladesh.

Publication Date : 2006-06-01

Volume : 19

Issue : 1

Page : 43-50

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Date 2006/06/01
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