Asian Fisheries Society

Ecology and Management of Mud Crab Scylla spp.


The recent revision of the genus Scylla into four species provides a basis for the development of a better understanding of their ecology, population biology and the sustainable management of fisheries, as well as the selection of species for aquaculture. In many cases, previous studies of mud crab fisheries and ecology have reported the occurrence of more than one "type" of mud crab, but data for any one currently known species have rarely been recorded. Consequently, much of the biological and ecological data in the literature must be reviewed. This paper summarizes the current state of knowledge on mud crab ecology in relation to population biology and management, and discusses priorities for future research to support the development of sustainable mud crab aquaculture and fisheries. 

Publication Date : 2001-06-01

Volume : 14

Issue : 2

Page : 101-111

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Date 2001/06/01
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