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A Review of Exotic Marine Organisms Introduced to the Australian Region, II. Invertebrates and Algae


The occurrence of exotic marine invertebrates and algae in the Australian region is reviewed, with particular emphasis being placed on those species which might have significant ecological impacts on endemic biota and/or their habitats or on fisheries in this region. All marine and estuarine invertebrates and algae known or thought to have been introduced, either deliberately or accidentally, are listed, together with their probable areas of origin, probable dates and means of introduction, their present areas of occurrence, and general comments on relevant aspects of their biology and status, as appropriate. Those species which might have significant ecological impacts are discussed in some detail, probable pathways for their introduction (particularly ships’ ballast water) discussed, and some recommendations made regarding their future control.

Publication Date : 1990-06-01

Volume : 3

Issue : 2

Page : 223-250

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Date 1990/06/01
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