Asian Fisheries Society

Genetic and Morphological Variation in Acanthopagrus latus (Sparidae) in Iraq


The structure of populations of the sparid fish Acanthopagrus latus in the Shatt al-Arab River and Khor al-Zubair area of Iraq was assessed from electrophoretic and morphological characters. Electrophoretic analysis of two enzyme-coding showed that loci at both localities were in a Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
The genetic homogeneity obtained contrasts with the pattern of heterogeneity observed in meristic counts. The date provide a preliminary idea about the absence of subpopulation differentiation and suggest that there is only one stock of A. latus in the area studied.

Publication Date : 1990-06-01

Volume : 3

Issue : 2

Page : 269-273

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Date 1990/06/01
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