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Thermal Selection of Allozyme Polymorphism in the Guppy Poecilia reticulata


Two single stains of the guppy (Poecilio reticulate, Peters) – the “Swansea” and the “Lowestoft” – were selected for high temperature tolerance, five generations in the Swansea strain and six generations in the Lowestoft strain. The results obtained were assayed with respect to four polymorphic loci, EST-2, GOT-2, PGM and SOD. In the selected lines of both strains, the faster alleles of EST-2, GOT-2 and SOD were increased in frequency but in PGM, the slow allele in the Swansea strain and faster allele in the Lowestoft strain increased in requency in the selected lines. The results obtained were discussed in the light of the adaptive nature of polymorphic proteins.

Publication Date : 1991-11-01

Volume : 4

Issue : 3

Page : 279-294

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Date 1991/11/01
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