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Spawning of the Camouflage Grouper Epinephelus polyphekadion (Bleeker) in the Herpasaline Waters of Saudi Arabia


Successful natural spawning of the camouflage grouper Epinephelus polyphekadion (Bleeker) in captivity, during a 1992-95 culture period, under hypersaline water conditions and environment (salinity 43% and temperature 29-30ºC) of the Red Sea coast in the Middle East is described for the first time. Until the 1994 culture period, the fish spawned naturally once or twice a year during May or June. Continuous natural spawning of the grouper during the 1995 culture period was observed only after incorporation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the broodstock diet. Each spawning occurred immediately after the new moon phase, exhibiting a typical lunar rhythm.
Egg diameter varied from 710.0±22.4 µm. There was a linear relation between egg size and egg hatching rate. The increase in hatching rate relevant to egg size was statistically significant (P

Publication Date : 1997-04-01

Volume : 9

Issue : 4

Page : 251-259

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Date 1997/04/01
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