Asian Fisheries Society

Preliminary Studies on the Essential Amino Acid Requirements of the Pearlspot, Etroplus suratensis


Three groups of juvenile pearlspot, Etroplus suratensis, were fed a formulated feed (CP:31.5%) containing fish meal, groundnut cake, wheat bran, tapioca powder, vitamins and minerals over 20 d. An attempt was made to determine the essential amino acid (EAA) requirement of pearlspot by calculating the daily EAA increment of the fish fed with the diet. The EAA requirement profile expressed as percentage of dietary protein is 3.4% arginice, 2.1% histidine, 1.4% isoleucine, 3.5% leucine, 9.7% lysine, 2.0% methionine, 2.2% phenyl alanine, 3.0% threonine, 2.2% trytophan and 2.1% valine.

Publication Date : 1997-04-01

Volume : 9

Issue : 4

Page : 289-294

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Date 1997/04/01
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