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Length-Weight Relationship and Relative Condition of Hatchery-and Bundh-Bred Catla catla (Ham) Spawn During Development


The length-weight relationship and relative condition (Kn) of hatchery- and bundh-bred Indian major carp, Catla catla (Ham) during the early developmental period were studied. The correlation coefficient (r2) was found to be 0.9799 (bundh) and 0.9430 (hatchery). The source-wise difference in the exponent values ‘b’ were significant at the 1% level. From length-weight regression, the exponent ‘b’ was 3.284734 for the bundh- and 2.767123 for the hatchery-bred species. The regression coefficient of log weight on log length of C. catla of both sources was found to depart significantly at 1% level from the conventional cubic law. Low Kn of the species at 5.5 mm increased gradually up to 8.0 mm size. In the 8.0-18.5 mm size range, the value of Kn stabilized above 1 indicating a good supply of food in the pond.

Publication Date : 1997-04-01

Volume : 9

Issue : 4

Page : 295-299

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Date 1997/04/01
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