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Preliminary Rearing Trials of an Australian Native Fish, Silver Perch (Bidyanus) (Mitchell) with Reference to Growth and Production of Solid Waste in Aquaculture


The native silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus has good potential as an aquaculture species in Australia. Juveniles of this species (1.14-2.13 g) were reared in glass aquaria at room temperatures (18-20ºC) with aeration. Fish were kept individually in separate aquaria for the study of growth and solid waste production. In the first experiment, three commercial diets referred to as diet 1, diet 2 and diet 3 were offered to fish for four weeks in order to study the gain in weight and food conversion ratio. The gain in weight decreased in the order of fish fed diet 2 > diet 1 > diet 3 (P>0.05). In the second experiment, diets 2 and 1 were fed to fish for four weeks in order to study the relationship between growth of fish and production of solid wastes (suspended and dissolved) in the culture system. Diet 2 resulted in slightly better gain in weight (P>0.05) and less solids production in comparison to diet 1.

Publication Date : 1997-04-01

Volume : 9

Issue : 4

Page : 301-309

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Date 1997/04/01
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