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The Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) is a non-profit scientific society founded in 1984 by fishery professionals in Asia. The society aims at promoting networking and co-operation between scientists, technicians and all stakeholders involved in fisheries (including aquaculture) production, research and development in Asia. Its ultimate objective is to enhance food security and income generating opportunities for fisheries workers via sound management practices, environmentally sustainable development and efficient utilization of the aquatic resources. More information on the objectives, highlight, past and present activities of the Society are given in the subsequent sections.

Special Announcement

Invitation to join Asian Fisheries Social Science Research Network (AFSSRN) Section of Asian Fisheries Society (AFS)

Dear AFS Colleague,

I am Alice Joan Ferrer from the University of the Philippines Visayas and currently the Vice President of Asian Fisheries Society (AFS). I was recently assigned to coordinate for the Asian Fisheries Social Science Research Network (AFSSRN) Section of AFS.

I am writing to request for your support in reactivating the AFSSRN Section of AFS by joining it. As existing active AFS member, then to become an AFSSRN Section member, simply send a short message indicating your wish to join AFSSRN Section to the AFS Executive Officer – Your AFS membership details will be amended to include membership in AFSSRN.

The objectives of the AFSSRN are:

  • to promote effective interaction and cooperation among persons involved in living aquatic resources social sciences research;
  • to encourage and promote investigation and advances in knowledge of living aquatic resources social sciences;
  • to focus attention on living aquatic resources social sciences problems by disseminating technical and other information on all aspects of living aquatic resources social sciences and management; and
  • to promote the proper use of living aquatic resources social sciences research practices and results in the region.

If you decide to join the AFSSRN Section now, then you will have the chance to participate in the nomination and selection of the Executive Committee officers. All other things will follow after we have the ExeCom of AFSSRN.

For those whose AFS membership is due this year, please renew your membership online by visiting this site: If you cannot access that site, then please visit the AFS website at and scroll down to see the icon for membership.

If you have any queries, then please email me using this address: (alternate email address:

I look forward to your participation in the AFSSRN Section of AFS.

Truly Yours,

Alice Joan G. Ferrer, PhD
University of the Philippines Visayas
Vice President, Asian Fisheries Society
Coordinator, AFS - AFSSRN

E-Newsletter June 2017

20 Jul, 2017

FROM THE EDITOR One of the major highlights during the period of report (January – June 2017) is the Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF) becoming a Section of the Society (GAFS). The members of the Society have been very active in gender issues in fisheries and aquaculture for a very long time, not only at regional level, but also at global...

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Membership message to all AFS Past members

20 Jul, 2017

30 May 2017 Dear AFS Members, Re: Your membership of the Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) UPDATE: Please note that the deadline for Reply Slip has been extended from 30th September 2017 to 31st October 2017. Please be informed that the 12th Council is embarking on a campaign aimed at updating the Masterlist of AFS Membership. The roster contains the na...

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Our Goals

To promote effective interaction and cooperation among scientists and technicians involved in fisheries and aquaculture elit vitae and more...

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