Asian Fisheries Society
Disseminating Information

Journal of Asian Fisheries Science

When the Society was established in 1984, more than 900 members expressed their desire for a reputable journal that they could afford to subscribe to and in which they could report their scientific findings. To address this need, the Society in December 1987, began publishing Asian Fisheries Science, an international fisheries journal.

The Journal strives to provide a professional medium to disseminate the scientific work of fisheries scientists, including those unable to subscribe to expensive journals or pay exorbitant charges to publish their scientific papers. It is open to researchers around the world investigating problems or issues in fisheries and aquaculture related to the Asia-Pacific region. All the papers submitted to the Journal are peer-reviewed by at least two world-renowned scientists.

The Journal has stirred much interest among the fisheries scientific community. To accommodate the growing number of manuscripts submitted, the number of issues per year was increased from two to three in 1991, and to four in 1994. Beginning from 2013, society members as well as non-members are now able to access the Journal for free.

The Society has received support to publish the Journal from: the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada; the Fwu Sow Group; the Hanaqua International Corporation; Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) Aquaculture Department; and World Fish Center.

More recent donors include: Charoen Pokphand Group - C.P. Aquaculture Co., Ltd., Thailand; and SAREC Regional Program on Marine Science in Southeast Asia through the Coastal Management Center (CMC).


To improve communication between the Society and its members, the 8th Council initiated the AFS e-Newsletter in 2006. During the formative years, the Society president was responsible for writing the half-yearly newsletter. The current E-newsletter Editor, Dr. Modadugu V Gupta, is encouraging all members to use this media as a way of informing others of new research findings, recent and forthcoming events and other news of interest to Asian fisheries science. With a bit more input from members, this newsletter could be a powerful tool for disseminating information as well as forming links among fisheries scientists in the region.

Social Network

The Society has also set up a Facebook that it uses to communicate with AFS Members and Non- Members who register under Facebook Social Network. Currently, it is used mainly to inform and up date the events and news of the Society. The Society also has connected with other Society such as World Fish Center, FAO, AquaFish-CRSP and PEMSEA.