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Diet of Threatened Fish Pethia shalynius (Yazdani and Talukdar 1975) in the Umiam River, Northeast India


Relative length of gut, gastrosomatic index, index of preponderance and gut contents were analysed to determine the feeding habit of Pethia shalynius (Yazdani and Talukdar 1975), an endemic and threatened hill stream fish of Northeast India. A total of 577 individuals were collected from the Umiam River, Barapani, Meghalaya for the present analysis. There were more than one relative gut lengths indicating an omnivorous form of feeding habit. Gastrosomatic index ranged from 1.645±0.127 to 5.281±0.499. Index of preponderance showed that detritus (76.28%) was the most preferred food item followed by phytoplankton (16.75%), nematodes (2.90%), insects (1.84%), plant matter (1.18%), zooplankton (0.94%) and unidentified algae (0.10%). Gut content analysis revealed that the food composition consisted of detritus, phytoplankton, nematodes, zooplankton, insects, plant matter and unidentified algae. The present investigation of P. shalynius adds more information to our understanding of its feeding habit which will be useful for the culture of this fish, which is an omnivorous bottom feeder.


Keywords: Pethia shalynius, Northeast India, diet, relative gut length, gastrosomatic index

Publication Date : 2017-03-31

Volume : 30

Issue : 1

Page : 38-49

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Date 2017/03/31
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