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Growth and Quality Enhancement of Chlorella vulgaris Beyerinck (Beijerinck) 1890 Using Simple Cost-effective Medium


Microalgae are considered to be the primary food source for many aquatic life forms and play a key role in the development of aquaculture. However, mass cultivation of pure microalgae requires costly media. This study formulated a simple cost-effective medium using plant fertilisers to reduce the number of inorganic salts in the commonly used expensive conventional media for the cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris Beyerinck (Beijerinck) 1890. Several formulations were investigated using locally available common plant fertiliser "Serbajadi 63" containing 21:21:21 of nitrogen:phosphorus:potassium and "Serbajadi 46" containing 46 % of urea as the base formulae. NPKFM formulated from "Serbajadi 63" with addition of 0.317 g.L-1 of MgSO4 and 0.02 g.L-1 of acidified FeSO4.7H2O, produced biomass, proteins and chlorophyll-a comparable (P > 0.05) to Bold’s basal medium (BBM) used as a control. In addition, NPKFM produced significantly higher (P < 0.05) amounts of chlorophyll b, carotenoids and carbohydrates compared to BBM. The cost of formulating NPKFM was 59.09 % cheaper than BBM. This study showed that NPKFM could be a simple cost-effective medium for the cultivation of C. vulgaris.

Publication Date : 2018-03-31

Volume : 31

Issue : 1

Page : 61-72

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Date 2018/03/31
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