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Age, Growth and Population Dynamics of an Endangered Fish Sahyadria denisonii (Day 1865) from the Western Ghats Hotspot of India


The population structure, age, growth, mortality and harvest intensity of redline torpedo barb Sahyadria denisonii (Day 1865) in the River Valapattanam was studied using lengthfrequency based analysis. The von Bertalanffy growth functions estimated were Lt=158 [1-e- 0.8(t+0.0203)] and growth parameters of von Bertlanffy equation were L= 158 mm, K= 0.8 year-1 and t0= -0.0203. The present level of exploitation (E=0.60) is higher than the Gulland equation (E=0.5) which is an indication of over exploitation. The recruitment pattern was continuous, and displaying a single major peak event per year. Management practices recommend the establishment of a closed season from November to February to protect the spawning stock and stock wise river ranching of captive bred young ones.

Publication Date : 2015-09-30

Volume : 28

Issue : 3

Page : 130-142

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Date 2015/09/30
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