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Catch Per Unit Effort, Exploitation Level and Production of Hilsa Shad in Bangladesh Waters


Catch per unit effort (CPUE) and exploitation rates of hilsa shad (Tenulosa ilisha Hamilton 1822) were estimated from the Bangladesh waters to evaluate the productivity of the population. Adult T. ilisha was caught mainly by gill net (mesh size 10.6-19.1 cm) with a mean catch rate of 45.7 kg????boat-1????day-1 during the peak period (September-October) in the Ramgoti area of Meghna River, Bangladesh. Tempo hilsa (immatures) was caught by chandi current jal (monofilament net, mesh size 6-8 cm) with a mean CPUE of 33.5 kg????boat-1????day-1 and a mean fish weight of 152-235 g. The total catch of hilsa in Bangladesh was estimated to vary between 146,082 and 229,714 mt from 1984 to 2002, with jatka (juvenile hilsa) contributing 19,258 mt in 2000. The average weight of each jatka was 10 g and if 10 - 15% of these jatka were protected, an additional 150,000-250,000 mt of adult hilsa could be harvested each year from the present fishery. Exploita-tion levels (E) of hilsa were very high during the years 1996-2003 and need to be reduced by decreasing the level of fishing effort or increasing the mesh size that can be used.

Publication Date : 2008-06-19

Volume : 21

Issue : 2

Page : 175-187

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Date 2008/06/19
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