Asian Fisheries Society

The Financial Feasibility of Small-Scale Grouper Cromileptes altivelis Aquaculture in Indonesia


This paper presents the results of a financial analysis of the aquaculture of Cromileptes altivelis (mouse grouper, barramundi cod, polka dot or high-finned grouper) in Indonesia. The analysis provided financial infor-mation on individual broodstock, hatchery/nursery, and grow-out stages. The findings of the analysis indicate that, based on the assumptions, all three scenarios are financially feasible. However, the capital requirements for the broodstock and hatchery/nursery may be beyond the financial means of many small producers. These stages of grouper culture may need to be developed as a larger project by private investors or government. The capital investment requirements for grow-out (not including purchase of transport boxes) is within the financial means of small producers. Loans or other incentives will need to be made available for the small producer, but the cash flow indicates that these loans can be repaid in the first year of production.

Publication Date : 2006-06-01

Volume : 19

Issue : 1

Page : 27-42

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Date 2006/06/01
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