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Status of Philippine Coral Reef Fisheries


Coral reefs have traditionally supplied coastal human populations with fishery products. Reef fisheries constitute about 20% of the total marine production (1.64 million mt) in the Philippines, as of the late 1990s. Based on the total area of coral reefs, which is 25,000 km2, and the average fish yield of good reefs, estimated at 15 mt·km2·yr, the potential annual production of Philippine coral reefs would be about 350,000 mt. Since only 30% remains in good condition and 70% is in degraded condition, this estimated annual production have been reduced to about 177,500 mt as of the 1990s. Coral reef fisheries in the central Philippines comprise about 125 reef and reef-associated species distributed in 14 families. Aside from being over-fished, the Philippine coral reefs have been damaged by the use of destructive fishing methods. The high intensity of fishing (up to 50% of fish standing stock removed by fishing annually) has resulted in the depletion of fishery species. Protection of reefs occurs at a slow rate, indicating a need to increase efforts at establishing marine reserves and restoring degraded reefs to stabilize or enhance fish yields. 

Publication Date : 2002-06-01

Volume : 15

Issue : 2

Page : 177-192

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Date 2002/06/01
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