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Population Dynamics of Trenched Sardine Amblygaster sirm (Clupidae) in the Western Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka


Length-frequency data for trenched sardine Amblygaster sirm (Clupeidae) from western coastal waters from Sri Lanka, obtained over a period of three years, were analyzed using the Compleat ELEFAN software. The mean symptotic length and growth coefficient (K) were estimated to be 25.23 cm and 1.25 year-1, respectively. The instantaneous total mortality coefficient, natural mortality coefficient and fishing mortality coefficient were estimated to be 2.75 year-1, 1.30 year-1 and 1.45 year-1, respectively. The exploitation rate (E=F/Z) was over 0.5 indicating that the stock may be overexploited. Annual recruitment occurred as two unequal pulses separated by a 5-7 month interval. The mean size at entry into the fishery during the study period was 16.17 cm.

Publication Date : 1991-11-01

Volume : 4

Issue : 3

Page : 329-334

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Date 1991/11/01
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