Asian Fisheries Society
Our Goals

The primary objectives of the Society are:

  • To promote effective interaction and cooperation among scientists and technicians involved in fisheries and aquaculture research and development in Asia with a view to encouraging and facilitating research activity complementation, sharing of information and publication of research results;
  • To create and propagate awareness of the importance and ways of sustainable utilization, cultivation, conservation and development of aquatic resources in the region; and
  • To promote the establishment of sections and local branches of the Society and national fisheries societies and to seek affiliation and cooperation with societies, organizations and institutions having similar objectives.

These objectives are to be pursued by:

  • Providing an effective mechanism, in the form of an Asian fisheries journal and an e-Newsletter for the dissemination of research and other relevant information on fisheries and aquaculture;
  • Holding, on a regular basis, an Asian Fisheries Forum as a gathering of scientists, technicians and interested stakeholders who, in their professional capacities, can freely discuss broad issues and specific topics related to fisheries and aquaculture, and publishing the proceedings if deemed necessary;
  • Providing further opportunities, as appropriate, for fisheries scientists, technicians and stakeholders to foregather by the holding of regular meetings, symposia, workshops, conferences and other gatherings; and
  • Addressing important issues related to fisheries and aquaculture interests in the region.