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Role of Extension Services with Special Reference to Livelihood Projects for Supporting a Community-based Marine Protected Area in Northern Luzon, Philippines


Community-based management of marine protected areas (MPAs) is widely carried out in the Philippines as a coastal resource management initiative. However, the restrictions to areas used for this conservation programme have caused loss of job opportunities to villagers who mainly depend on coastal resources for a living. As an alternative, extension services with livelihood projects (e.g. aquaculture and hog raising) have been provided to the villagers. For investigating the role of extension services specifically as a support policy to the participation of villagers in MPA management, a household survey in the Casitan village in Cagayan Province, Philippines was carried out in March 2015 through one-on-one interviews facilitated by trained enumerators. A total of 100 respondents were selected by random sampling from the List of Registered Household Heads. Key informants’ interviews were also conducted to harness the information gathered. The study revealed that support policies such as extension services with livelihood projects increase the tendency of villagers to participate in MPA management activities. The results imply that there is a need to strengthen strategies and programmes such as livelihood projects which can motivate the villagers’ willingness to participate in MPA activities.


Keywords: Cagayan, coastal resource management, community-based marine protected areas, extension activities, livelihood project

Publication Date : 2017-03-31

Volume : 30

Issue : 1

Page : 1-16

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Date 2017/03/31
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